Age of wAR.

Age of wAR is an Augmented Reality (AR) 3D point-and-click game for Android devices. The goal is to send out soldiers and destroy the enemy base while also protecting your own base.

In autumn 2019, during my first semester of the Master’s studies, I attended a course for Augmented Reality. As semester project for this course I came up with Age of wAR. The app builds upon the popular AR platform “Vuforia” and was implemented in Unity with custom code written in C#.

As Age of wAR is a study project, the game is unpublished.

The gameplay is inspired by the massively popular web game “Age of War” that has first been published by Louissi in 2007. You can still play the web game on different online gaming platforms.

Below you can see some in-game screenshots of Age of wAR.