3D Scan­ner rail system.

A common issue for hand-held 3D scanners is the quality of the produced 3D models. Unstable hand movement often results in jittery scans or even causes the scanner to lose track of scanned object altogether. The solution: Combine crafting materials, a “Sense” 3D scanner on a camera tripod and a custom LEGO® MINDSTORMS® vehicle to assemble a solid rail system for solid 360° scanning at all times.

In my Bachelor’s studies, university faced the above-mentioned issues when using the “Sense” 3D scanner to record 3D models for 3D-printing busts. A study colleague and friend of mine therefore decided to solve this problem within the context of a semester project in the winter semester 2017/18.

The project was very successful and I even 3D-printed a bust of myself (the background picture in the project portfolio overview) scanned with this rail system. Also, the project turned out to be an attraction on every open day event of the university.

  • Boris Fuchs (assembly lead, programming assistant)
  • Paul Schmutz (assembly assistant, programming lead)
The result looks like this: